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Our Industries

Aerial photo of a power plant

Generation Companies

Aerial photo of a power plant

Powering the Future

For more than a century, the nation’s most important power companies have trusted Riggs Distler to build and maintain the Eastern United States’ energy supply. From coal plants to nuclear stations and the growing renewable energy field, our talented team of expert constructors, project managers, and superintendents have the tools, training, and technology to complete projects of all scopes on time and on budget, always making safety our highest priority.

Power Generation: Plant Construction and Maintenance

Over more than a century of service, we’ve developed the power generation capabilities that have fueled the expansive growth of business and industry in America. Riggs Distler’s specialists have strong experience in everything from fossil fuels to nuclear, solar, and hydroelectric energy. We apply our broad-ranging knowledge to develop unique, project-specific solutions that match your needs, whether we’re constructing a new plant, performing upgrades or repairs for efficiency and performance, or continuing maintenance of an aging facility.

Over the years, we’ve worked on major projects involving:

  • Fossil fuel power plants
  • Coal
  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Renewable power plants
  • Bioenergy plants
  • Solar plants (photovoltaic power stations)

Partner With the Industry’s Best

These complex facilities represent big investments by our clients. By partnering with Riggs Distler, clients capitalize on a century-long record of reliability and top-notch performance. We know more than just how to build—we know how to build the right way. We prioritize careful planning and place safety on a pedestal. While performing maintenance or upgrades, we carefully complete our work without interrupting the function or workflow of your facility. As an award-winning partner to the power generation industry, Riggs Distler delivers talent so that you can deliver power.


Heavy Industrial Companies


Keeping American Industry Moving For Over a Century

Riggs Distler is an award-winning company with over a century of experience providing construction, maintenance, repair, installation, and demolition services for heavy industrial projects. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with clients to safely build and service refineries, chemical plants,  oil and gas facilities, and other large-scale industrial facilities while carefully adhering to their schedules, budgets, and procedures.

Project-Specific Solutions Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Riggs Distler has helped premier companies complete major heavy industrial projects throughout the Eastern United States. Performing technically demanding projects on tight schedules and budgets is our specialty. We focus on constructability and planning, optimal scheduling, and safe execution to integrate our own work into the daily function of your plant or facility. Our record of reliability ensures that you’re working with a team that knows how to deliver projects on time and save clients’ money.

Building With the Best

Our business is driven by the most talented and knowledgeable workers in the industry throughout all levels of our organization. The quality of our team shines through in the quality of our work. When you put people first, a superior work product follows. That’s been our basic philosophy for more than a century, and it will continue to be for the next century. Riggs Distler is the turnkey partner you need to deliver the highest quality work from start to finish.


Utility Companies


Connecting Utilities With Customers

For more than a century, Riggs Distler has constructed and serviced the utility networks that the Eastern United States depends on. Focusing not just on technical execution, but also on customer relations, we make your mission our mission, representing your company with efficiency and professionalism. Whether we’re repairing an underground gas network or upgrading an overhead electrical distribution system, our first concerns are always first-class safety, budget and schedule efficiency, and a commitment to performing the highest quality work out there.

Experienced Utility Contractors For Gas And Electric Clients

Utility providers work within strict protocols and regulations. Our experience has proven that by integrating our project approach into the client’s existing procedures, we improve efficiency, cut costs, and avoid delays.

Riggs Distler works every day to help clients make sure that their gas or electricity reaches the thousands of families and businesses dependent on them. We can apply our wealth of experience to ensure that your utility development, upgrade, or repair projects are performed to the highest quality standards, minimizing service interruptions to your customers.

An experienced on-call utility service provider, we’re ready to roll for our clients at a moment’s notice. With over 1,000 trucks on the road every day, Riggs Distler is the on-the-ground ally you need to keep your utility networks performing at their best.

Turnkey Solutions From a Sole-Source Provider

As a sole-source utility construction service provider, our capabilities span the full project lifecycle, making us more efficient and effective than the competition. By trusting the entire project life cycle to Riggs Distler, clients have a turnkey solution to all of their utility service needs. Clients are confident delegating the job to our experts so that they can focus on serving their customers.

Riggs Distler is proud to serve small and large natural gas and electric power utility providers from Maine to Florida. With a reputation built on successful results on project after project, clients are always confident they’re working with the best.